Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE)

Tillicum Community School is partnering with The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) again this year for some guided After School Sports Fun!   PISE is a unique and holistic sport development model that will fuel Canada’s sport performance, build a healthier nation and develop role models to inspire physical literacy. Physical literacy is defined as “the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to read their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations. It supports long-term participation and performance to the best of one’s ability”.
For kids to get physically active, they need to feel confident in activity settings. That confidence stems from having learned fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills – physical literacy – as a child. PISE believes that by changing how we approach sport skill instruction, and by incorporating agility, balance, coordination, and stability into everything we teach – to all ages, that we can start to foster the confidence, skills, and abilities to participate in activities of choice throughout the lifespan. Their qualified staff have experience in coaching, camp leadership, and sport conditioning and are excited to deliver sound programming to your children!