Community School


Unique to our school, Tillicum’s innovative, student-focused learning environment is enhanced by community programming that provides opportunities for our students to continue to develop relationships, confidence, and a strong sense of community through activities that are offered both on and off-campus outside of the regular school day:  before, at recess, and after school.

We offer a breakfast program every morning.  Students are invited to partake in a healthy breakfast at before they begin the day.  Besides nutrition, this time gives us a chance to relax for a few minutes, enjoy each other’s company, and start the morning with a little less stress.  Thank you to Ms Peirce, Ms Nadeau, Mrs. Easton and the breakfast crew for contributing time, energy and smiles every weekday morning!

Coinciding with breakfast each morning we have sport ball for grade 4/5 students, dance for kindergarten and grade 1 students, karate for grade 3 students, and yoga for grade 2 students.  These morning program help students connect with each other and get moving and invigorated before school starts.  Thank you to our wonderful service providers for sharing their expertise and positive energy!

Through our partnership with the Burnside-Gorge Community Association, Tillicum is able to provide daily organized lunch time activities and games for those who wish to join in.  Burnside-Gorge also offers popular after school programs such as: Lego Club, Gamers Unplugged, and Creative Kids, as well as Pro D camps exclusively to our grades 4 and 5 students where adventures may include:  swimming, hiking, sports, beach combing, museum visits, music and arts and crafts.

We are very fortunate to be able to work with PISE (The Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence) to provide physical literacy and outdoor education programming after school in our gym, outdoor spaces and local parks.  We are looking forward to trying lawn bowling and playing pickle ball this spring.  We acknowledge the hard work of our amazing “Persons of Rapport” whose tireless commitment to physical literacy contributes tremendously to the success of our after-school PISE programs.

We’re happy to welcome Terrell Evans back from The Grind Basketball program. Coach Terrell run skill development and fitness training on Mondays and Thursdays after school.  Thank you to Ryder, Mrs Harms and Mrs Easton for your support!

Tillicum thanks Coaches Norm and Kevin from HEROS hockey, Coaches Hannah, Mena, and Lisa from Saanich Parks and Recreation, PEARKES, Mrs Easton, Saanich and Vic PD, and the many volunteers who have continued to make our program a huge success!

Ms Carrasco and Ms Parker offer an amazing art program to Tillicum students including practicing a variety of techniques with various mediums, colour theory, learning about artists and art history.  Ms C and Ms P encourage students to express themselves and honour their creative sides.  We are constantly amazed at the work our young artists produce and look forward to seeing their art on display again soon.

A huge part of our community at school is Tilly, our school’s resident therapy dog.  She continues her work with Kate Beaulac, Youth and Family Counsellor, and trainers from BabyDog in classrooms, with individuals, small groups and staff.  Thank you to Kate and Aviva for your dedication and many hours spent to make this happen, and to the University of Victoria, and Oak Bay Rotary, who have faithfully supported this amazing project with us!

Most importantly, we thank the many donors, businesses and agencies that provide funding, volunteers and support for our community programs including: School District 61, ASSAI (After School Sport and Arts Initiative), the Municipality of Saanich, Canadian Tire Jump Start, PISE, Burnside-
Gorge Community Association Western Coast Insurance, President’s Choice Children’s Charities Power Full Kids Eat Well program, Save-On Foods – Tillicum, Breakfast2Music, The Victoria Foundation, Oak Bay Rotary Club, Burnside-Gorge Community Association, Saanich Police Dept., Victoria Police Dept., HEROS Hockey, “The Grind” Basketball, Canada’s Best Karate, Jenna-Rae Hamilton, Aidan Crystal, and Melanie Easton.

We honour the late Mrs. Burley whose leadership and commitment to Tillicum Community School is the foundation from which are able to continue building this special place. Thank you to Mr. Duyndam and the staff at Tillicum School for supporting her vision.

Community School Coordinator: Mandy Greyling