Principal’s Message

We wish to recognize and acknowledge the Songhees & Esquimalt Nations on whose traditional territory we do our work.

Tillicum Community School registers approximately 460 students in 21 divisions. We are very proud of the broad range of programs offered at our school. Our fine arts program includes both a Junior and Senior choir and a comprehensive music program from Kindergarten through to Grade 5. Tillicum’s focus on the creative arts has included projects such as the fence art on our Burnside fence, a tile mosaic on our front stairwell, a beautiful felt mural entitled “Gifts of the Sea”, a mural painted on the wall of the lower hall and most recently, our interior stairwell. Our strong commitment to early literacy includes a school wide Home Reading Program, Early Literacy Collaboration Teacher, and an annual “Read for the Top” initiative to name a few.

As a community school, Tillicum enjoys a partnership with Burnside Gorge Community Association. Through this partnership, many after school and lunch hour activities are provided including sports, arts and crafts as well as creative games. Tillicum also offers after school developmental physical fitness and healthy lifestyle activities.

In addition to a broad curriculum and activities offered through partnerships, our students are offered introductory experiences in many sports such as cross-country, soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, golf and track throughout the year.

The peaceful problem solving strategies of WITS, (Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help) are integral to our positive behavior support at Tillicum. We explicitly teach the behaviors associated with our acronym: Tillicum ROCKS (Respect, Organization, Cooperation, Kindness, Safety). Our students are supported by the services of a district counselor, a Youth and Family Counselor, 21 classroom teachers, 3 learning support teachers, music, technology and library specialist teachers, ELCT, and 16 educational assistants.

Tillicum is also home to a Seaquarium, a salt water aquarium that contains sea life found in our local waters. Students enjoy the wonder of aquatic life while increasing their awareness of environmental stewardship, nature and facts about specific animals.

Tillicum also benefits from a very active PAC. Our parents host activities for families, conduct fundraising initiatives and work closely with Tillicum community members and school staff to offer enhancements to their child’s educational experience at Tillicum.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead. Please consider becoming involved as much as possible in your child’s learning experiences. We will all benefit by working together.

Jeff Duyndam
Tillicum Community School